Saturday, September 11, 2010

nobody's there

for this year, me n fam didn't go to surabaya on ied's day. we just stayed at bekasi. and i felt, it was a looong day. we planned to pray idul fitri at istiqlal. but unluckily we woke up late :@. we know it would take quite long time to get there. so we decided to pray at mosque (Al Azhar Jaka permai (about 10 minutes from my home by car). after that we ate lontong (not ketupat ;P) with lebaran special dish -rendang opor sambal goreng ati sayur buncis- my mom made it herself and the taste was so delicious :) then as usual we were going to have 'silaturahmi' with our family who stayed at jakarta. actually, the closest one are my aunties but they went to surabaya. so, mom called mas iyung but he wasn't at home, he and his fam were at their hometown; south sumatera. okay we still have another. it was uwak brahim. actually he wasn't our family but from years ago, relation between our family are very close. that's why he was just a part of our family. we were heading to his home at jagakarsa, south jakarta. jakarta still crowded -,- maybe many people do 'siaturahmi' too. it was friday and the boy have to 'jum'atan' so we stopped. but no longer after we continue the journey, we finally found uwak brahim's home. well, the fence was locked, no car, nobody was there. GREAT!

me; "mom have you called him before we get here?"
mom; "well.... no"
me; "WHAT? how come mom?"
mom; "i don't know his new number"
me; grumbled slowly :@@@ (nothing i can do)

i was go back home in s lil bit anger. if mom didn't know for sure whether uwak was at home or not, we didn't need to force ourselves to go to his home zzz. when we were heading home, we stopped a while for lunch. and also for pray ashar. then we just went around the neighborhood for 'silaturahmi' and do apologize.

so how's your lebaran guys?
wish much more better than mine ;)

narsism after pray ashar

i love the angel so much. but how terrible my expression was :@

my dad n brother :P

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