Saturday, January 29, 2011

january 10th 2011- part one

when i woke up in the morning there was 23 missed calls
waaaw, shocking me a lot
Then i pray subuh
And after i finished, i found my phone was ringing again, I picked it up
and he was talking to me, not saying happy birthday actually.
He just asking; "Is there anyone who already said happy birthday to you?"
"no, i just finished pray, haven't meet my mom and my dad. Firsta -at that time was sleeping next to me- isn't wake up yet"
(well technology plays such a big role right? LOL ;P)

next what i remember was when he said "well, hold on, wait a minute"
then all i hear is sound of guitar and he starts to singing.
(with his friend help, since he can't play guitar yet)

yes, he sang me a happy birthday song hahahaa.
the click five-happy birthday
-which later on become one of my favourite song ;)-

that day we met up and before i went back home
he took something from his bag,

"This is for you, if you like it you can keep it but if
you don't like it you can throw it away" he said
"heey, what are you talking about?
thank you thank you thank you so muuuuuch :)"

look at the expression!
i think the reason why he bought me this one;
because it describes me a lot hahaha :D
i oftenly get confused when i have to choose something.
love it so much by the way yeaaay

sssttt :D