Friday, February 18, 2011

january 10th 2011- part three

before my friends gonna back to their hometown,
we spent time together and went to Pejaten Village.

and our first destination was solaria.

hey, meet them fia and firsta :)

this is what i had for lunch, a big portion of I Fu Mie. yummy

happy eating!
-look at fia, texting as always LOL-

we were full! and then we were shopping. ummm actually just fia did, me and firsta just be a good advisor as always haha. next, we were gonna j-cool-ing before we went home. yes, it was our plan at first. But, when we were went ahead to J.CO, we saw there's new Japanese Restaurant in front of J.CO, ROPPAN. So, we decided to try. When we were in, the waiter and waitress welcoming us warmly "Irasshaimase, welcome to ROPPAN!" and the place was very very cozy :)

what we had at ROPPAN:


2) Matcha-Ogura-Vanilla Honey Toast (Mixed 3 tastes)

3) Roppan punch

and all of them was very delicious, uwwwoooow oishii nee! i can't give a specific comment for those foods and drink hehe. but i swear all of them taste very great! trust me! ROPPAN is very very very recommended :))) just go to their website -ROPPAN- and follow them on twitter @roppanista

"Don't take life too seriously because it's time for a toast to happiness"


  1. Roppan Toast looks so tasty.. there is any Roppan store in bandung? *googling..googling..*

  2. yes it is! wah kurang tau kalo di bandung. wish there is any :)