Thursday, March 17, 2011

mba, this is what i want to say :'(

mba, you two are the one who i can called 'sister'
and let me know how it feels to be a younger sister
we were do a lot of silly things together in the past
and now, i wonder that i can do it again!
do you remember partai hello kitty and partai mickey mouse? hihi :D
we were just like twin with the same outfit wherever we go hahaa
mba, whatever happens right now and years later,
though distance and problems comes more and more
you two still in my heart. THE GREATEST SISTER EVER :')
i'm praying for you two, may Allah always bless you two all the way
may you two always be in HIS protection.
so sorry to say that i can't be a good younger sister
but i am yours 'dek ziza' now and forever

the one who missing you two a lot :')

1 comment:

  1. I have one little sister and our age gap is 9 years. Even a lot of times she makes me upset but in the end i always think she is great. I think your sisters too. Smile Nuriy!