Tuesday, May 4, 2010

first post :)


it's my first time, posting here. actually i already had a blog in here;

but, because of some reasons i moved here. start to my blog's name ; write and share. i really love writing where i can express what i feel. especially when there's no more word turns into voice. and share is one of the important thing in writing a blog. i share my story and the others do that thing too. sharing, isn't that beautiful? though we just share a very simple thing -our daily life story- . i believe a big thing comes out from a very usual even the trifle one.

aaaand who am i?
Nuriy Azizah S, a seventeen-year-old girl. I am a high school fresh graduated and a college student wannabe ;). i am interested with a lot of things around me, maybe later on you can figure it out from my posting

so everybody, let's start to write and share :)

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