Thursday, June 17, 2010


helloooo ;)

It has been a week after the opening ceremony of th
e greatest FIFA World Cup 2010. yeay, i really like the euphoria of World Cup. I don't really like to watch football match actually. Neither to seriously pay attention to the match nor to the good-looking football player haha. But for world cup, i'm very enjoyed to watch the match even 'till late night.
and what is lately become a very popular topic? -it also become trending topic at twitter and of course a lot of tv stations- the answer is "VUVUZELA".

It's because of a very disturbing sound which comes from vuvuzela. the sound is like thousand of bees.
When there's action near the goal mouth, those bees go really crazy. People are heading a protest for the vuvuzela from the football player, coach, audience and commentator. they feel that the sound is very disturbing and can blur the concentration. Moreover scientist said that the sound isn't good for our hearing because it's too loud for human's hearing.

And what is vuvuzela? It made of plastic, a meter long, brightly coloured. yes, that's the vuvuzela, the noise-making trumpet of South African football fans, and it's come to symbolize the sport in the country.

it doesn't really different with usual triumph, i think. So maybe you wondered how does it could make very noise and disturbing sound? There are a special way to blow vuvuzela;
Simply put your lips inside the mouth piece and almost make a ‘farting’ sound. Relaxing your cheeks and let your lips vibrate inside the mouth piece. As soon as you get that trumpeting sound, try blowing harder and harder until you reach a ridiculously loud "BOOGYING BLAST". Simple as that!

Well inspite of all the controversy about vuvuzela, i'm happy that FIFA wouldn't banned the use of vuvuzela. i could say that South African are really proud of their traditional music instrument. they try so hard to conserving their culture and introduce it throughout the world.
i really hope that someday our traditional music instrument will be played at FIFA World Cup.
well, there's nothing impossible right? as long as we work so hard to make it happens ;)

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  1. yups neh tentu angklung lebih lemburt ya... heheheh

  2. owh sangkakalanya afrika thoh..

  3. harganya berapa sih ? kayaknya seru ya :D